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You Are More Than Your Diagnosis

You Are More Than Your Diagnosis

In 2007, Amanda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 21.  She began using diet change in 2011 to combat her symptoms.  Now, 10 years later, she is symptom-free and living well with MS and is helping others with chronic illness to live a healthier life. Amanda is the founder of Fettle and Fare, an all organic and grass-fed food store in New Jersey that caters to those with food allergies and auto-immune disease with homemade bone broths and healthier food options for people on the go.

Amanda is also an advocate for Medical Marijuana and was featured in Rutgers’ Scarlet Magazine discussing the issues New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program is currently facing.  You can learn more about Amanda’s story in her TEDx Talk called  “The Illusion of Convenience” where she chronicles her journey with diet change and eating locally sourced foods.

In this episode we talk about her:

Her Journey with MS, Struggles, Wins & Where She Is Now In Her Health

How She Healed Her MS With Food & Lifestyle Changes

We Discussed the Illusion of Convenience & The Click Bait Of Quick Fixes In Your Health

and much more….

Bonus: She offered a 15% discount with code “GEEKS” on any bone broth purchase from here store Fettle And Fare

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