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What The Chicago Cubs Taught Me About Health

“Like crabs, most of the human world has been conditioned by academia, corporate culture, media, and society to follow the status quo.” -Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine

Wow, what a weekend. As a Cubs fan, this was the greatest weekend as a fan ever as they are playing for a World Series title for the first time since 1945.

On Sunday after coming down from the celebration I thought of how the Cubs can teach us a lot about health (or life in general).

1. Your health goals may take longer than you want or expected. Be patient. While you won’t have to wait 71 years or 108 years to reach your health goals remember it takes time and be patient

2. Keep showing up. To reach your health goals you have to keep showing up, you have to be consistent and you have to master the basics. It is better to do 100 pushups a day or walk 1 mile a day than hit the gym as hard as possible every January to get ready for the “beach body” by spring. That leads to burn out, inconsistent, and too much stress.

3. As bad as things are going you can turn it around. In the NLCS they were shut out in games 3-4 and then scored 23 runs the last 3 games to win the series.

In health, you could have been doing things wrong for weeks, months or even years. Simply taking action and starting can make profound changes in your health. What if you slept 8 hours a night for 30 days straight? What if you eliminated everything in your life that doesn’t bring you joy? What if you got rid of all you junk food and soda in your home? Think about what that can do you for you in a matter of 30 days? Pick just one thing and take action.

4. There will be people that are jealous of your success and hope you fail. When you start making positive changes in your health and life you will see people start to criticize you. You will see them making fun of you for living healthy. Remember this has nothing to do with you, it is them. They are called crab people. This is an example based on when crabs are trapped in a cage with a little bait at the bottom of the cage. Even when the top of the cage is open. If the crabs think that it is better to all be in the cage even after the bait is gone any crab realizing they can escape the other crabs will hold on to them or even kill them to stay in the cage. Ignore the haters and keep doing your thing.

So be patient, take action, be consistent, ignore the haters. That is how you win in your health.

Until next time, I look forward to geeking out with you,

Dr. Paul

Health Geeks