The Journey With Brendan Hufford

The Journey With Brendan Hufford

To start this year I wanted to help more founders and action takers make simple choices to improve their health and energize their life and business. I will be doing interviews with “regular people”. I wanted to interview people that are on the journey. They don’t have it all together, they are experimenting, they see the importance of these changes in their health and are treating it as a priority.

Getting To Know Brendan Hufford

Brendan believes more in results than buzzwords. He doesn’t have an MBA from a famous university because like most entrepreneurs, he learned about business by putting some skin in the game and starting his own company. Previously, Brendan was a teacher for eight years, an assistant principal for two, and is passionate about teaching everything he knows. He’s currently the SEO team lead at an awesome Chicago web design agency and the founder of Photo MBA.

Brendan’s Most Popular YouTube video

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