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The Future Of Functional Medicine

The Future Of Functional Medicine

In our latest podcast episode, I interview Dr. Ruscio.  We talk on a variety of topics that is essential to the future of functional medicine.

“We are so eager to help people that sometimes we’re a little overzealous with how quickly we label people with a diagnosis. We have to really be mindful of the fact that every label or diagnosis we assign a patient carries a psychological and emotional burden to it.” -Dr. Ruscio 

In this episode we cover a variety of topics to help establish the Future Of Functional Medicine:
-We cover Vitamin D and its treatment of thyroid conditions
-Is Selenium a viable long-term treatment method for thyroid conditions
-Why TPO antibodies under 500 are a clinical win
-Proper sun exposure and why it is important
-Why as providers we can’t be overzealous with our diagnosis
-Much more

Dr. Ruscio has also been generous and gave us a 50% off discount off the first month of his Future Of Functional Medicine Newsletter which I highly recommend if you are a health care provider or anyone looking to get the most accurate research to help improve their health.  You can get the discount at

Until next time I look forward to geeking out with you,

Dr. Paul

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