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8 Steps On How to Tame The Stress Monster

Welcome to Health Geeks Radio, Episode 68, and today we’re going to talk about stress. Stress is the most common way that just wreaks havoc on our body. We are constantly under stress on a regular basis, all the time. Stress can be healthy. Doing exercise and the type of stress that wakes you up in the morning to get up and the correct spike of cortisone, that’s all helping stress. We have to have some form of stress on our body to survive.

But what happens is, because of social pressures of our life, we get basically over-trained in our life, just like an athlete can get too much exercise and training and get over-trained and have their body break down. Juggling your career and your family and trying to reach your health goals can leave your head spinning.

It’s hard to do all those things. Trying to figure out what priorities to focus on can be frustrating, so you focus on your relationships, you focus on foods. What food should I be eating? All those things go into a point where it can leave you just frustrated and feel like you’re being pulled in all directions, because even as the constant society pressure of social media even tells us that you need to be busy, you need to be hustling at all times, you need to be a superhero, you need to do this, this, and this.

But, we’re at the center and think of it as like a wheel. You’re at the center and all these spokes are coming out with relationships, nutrition and life and all these different things and financial and career and if you don’t balance those out or focus on the main things, all those things can pull you in different directions.

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