Started From The Bottom Now We're Here

Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

In this podcast, we chat with Tony Federico who is the VP of Natural Force

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Tony Federico: Well, I had hit rock bottom, I mean I really, really bottomed out. I mean I was doing stuff that could’ve certainly cost me my life, you know without really … I mean that’s the truth. You know, that’s the bottom line. It was probably death or jail, it was you know …


Dr Paul: So it was get it together or else there’s some bad outcome.


Tony Federico: Yeah man, yeah.


Dr Paul: In the next few months to a year type thing.


Tony Federico: Right. It just it was absolutely unsustainable in the sense that my life would have ended in some way had I continued doing what I was doing, and thankfully my tolerance for that was low enough so that it didn’t have to go there, and I think that you know everybody has a different “bottom” and that’s something in addiction circles they discuss. Thankfully for me as bad as it was for me, you know I didn’t have that moment in the hospital or in jail, but that’s where things were heading.

In this podcast, we discuss his journey from rock bottom to leading the charge in one of the fastest growing supplement companies.
We discuss how failure often leads to success
Why Luck is necessary but happens more when we work hard and take action on our opportunities
Why it’s all about taking one step at a time in our journey
Much more…

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