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Paleofx 2107 Recap

My quick thoughts and recap from the Paleofx 2017 Conference.

Welcome to Health Beats Radio, episode 69. Wow. What a weekend at PaleoFX. This is my third year there. I just wanted to give a little recap. I can tell you, for a fact, that every year I go, the more inspired I am when I come back. Not just from all the people there trying to change lives for the best. All the information you get from other health care providers to expand your knowledge, as well as a healthcare consumer, but the many entrepreneurs [00:00:30] making products and services that are trying to truly help people live healthier and more convenient. Doing it more convenient, and not wasting their time and money on all the stuff that can hinder them in their progress.

One other thing that is really good, is doing this podcast and doing the online consulting and writing blogs. You meet a lot of people. You meet a lot of people just through connections, guests on your show that refer [00:01:00] you to others. That’s really awesome and you build a really good relationship, but there is something about meeting somebody in person. It’s something about that human connection, and I can’t tell you how important that is and how much that community matters.

Technology is great. With social media and the ability to podcast with somebody across the country or across the world in a different time zone and communicate via e-mail or zoom or Skype, is so amazing. At the same [00:01:30] time there’s nothing like meeting everybody in person and talking to them in person again. That human connection, the hug, the handshake, the fist bump. Everything like that is just truly, truly awesome, and you get inspired.

My favorites from Paleofx:
Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy:
Bubba’s Foods:
Pili Nuts:
Vital Proteins:
Four Sigmatic:
Paleo University:
Paleo Magazine:
Natural Force:
Mulay’s Sausage:
Primal Kitchen:
Jill Crackers:
Safe Catch Tuna:

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