Living A Kickass Life

Living A Kickass Life With Lisa Perkins

We are connected to our bodies and if we don’t have our health in place, if we come home at the end of every work day and all we can do is drive ourself to the couch, we’re not showing up.

In this episode of Health Geeks Radio, we interview Lisa Perkins of

In this episode, Lisa helps you break down the barriers in your health and life to start living a kickass life.

Lisa is a certified nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coach and master’s trained researcher. She has helped numerous clients reclaim their health, lose excess weight, and rediscover their passion for life.

If we’re honest Paul, I think that for most of us, our goal is not to move out it’s to live an amazing life. A kick ass life. I mean really a life in which we show up and live every day and feel amazing in the process.

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