How To Master Your Metabolism

In this episode with talk with Dietitian Cassie of on all things metabolism.

In this episode you learn:
Why metabolism isn’t just calories in and calories out
How fat is your friend
How sleep and stress levels regulate your metabolism
How food sensitives and poor gut health can slow weight loss
and much more.

“I think a lot of people are confused when it comes to metabolism. Almost 100% of people believe that they have a slow metabolism, and that could actually be true, because our metabolisms are compromised by a lot of things, like sitting in front of computers all day, and not getting enough sleep, and, believe it or not, the food that we eat.

So, you’re definition of metabolism, definitely. It’s how efficiently your body is able to convert the things you eat and drink into energy. And it is a complex set of chemical reactions in your body, but it’s not as simple as just calories in and calories out, like we’ve been taught for so long. It’s not just as simple as plugging numbers into an equation and figuring that out.” 

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