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What Is Health Geeks Radio?

Health Geeks Radio is a podcast combining years of our clinical experience, passion for health and personal growth. We are interviewing thought leaders in the health, fitness, and personal development world to dig through the bullshit and help make living healthy fun for you.

This is more than just eat than an eat your kale and be happy show. Let’s Geek!

I just discovered your podcast and love it already! I’m a podcast junkie (Paleo health coach/former librarian/fellow health geek!) and this is by far one of the most balanced, nuanced (yet accessible), and fun podcasts I’ve found. Thanks for all you do and for being so authentic. 😊🌟


Functional Medicine Provider, Health Geeks Radio Subscriber

I stumbled across the Health Geeks radio podcast. For the first time, I felt like somebody was inside my head, understanding my frustration with none of my providers ever looking to the “why” or telling me things that I could be doing to help take control over some of the symptoms. I found that in nearly every episode I listened to, I had an “ah-ha” or “hell yes!” moment where I felt like finally things were starting to click into place. At the time I started listening, I had never spoken to Paul or Brian but had merely seen a link to the podcast on my running group’s Facebook page.


Health Geeks Radio Subscriber