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Fit & Thriving In Motherhood

Fit & Thriving In Motherhood with Sara Haley Ep. 81

Sara Haley: My favorite saying is literally this is the season of life for _______. I mean that’s how I look at where I am and my husband said the other he’s like because I’m basically a mostly a stay at home.  And then when I get time to do the stuff I do it and my husband was like imagine how much time you have to work on all this stuff when the kids are finally all in school. And I was like well that’s like five years away. So I’m not thinking about that right now. But that’s what I say to myself whenever I do get anxious about wanting to do more for my business or I would get anxious about wanting to be in the gym more. This is my season of life for raising my kids and I get emotional about it right. You know like I’m never going to get that time back. You know like you’re saying like if your parent is sick and you’re you know taking care of a sick parent. There’s only that much time left in them. And then it’s gone. And are you really to look back and be like damn it I didn’t get to go to my five workouts every week.  But will you say like oh my gosh I didn’t get to spend the time with that person that I wanted to spend? You know it’s. It’s all perspective and it just it all flies by so fast.

About Sara Haley Fit

Sara Haley is best known for her expertise in pre and postnatal exercise, but her life and work are about so much more than that. With a resume ranging from celebrity training to traveling the world as a Reebok Master Trainer, Sara has created programs for countless brands ranging from FabFitFun to Elle Magazine. Having appeared on almost every major TV network to share her expertise in fitness and motherhood, Sara truly walks the talk as a mother of three (ages 6, 3 and 4 months). Now based in Los Angeles, she prides herself on being with her kids as much as possible while still continuing to share her passion for fitness and compassion for the challenges of motherhood with her virtual community on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as her blog at Sara has her own workouts available: the excuse-proof workout, Sweat UNLIMITED; the prenatal workout, Expecting MORE®; the postnatal program, Expecting More®: The 4th Trimester Workout; and coming soon, the Pregnancy Workout Essentials Collection. Sara also offers FREE fitness challenges throughout the year to help keep followers motivated and accountable.

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