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To give full transparency this blog post is to help promote our friend and mentor Jason Zook’s Buy My Future Project.  We will earn a small commission if you choose to invest in Jason’s future with the links on this page.  We want to share our story and how much Jason Zook and the Buy My Future community has meant to us and our success. 

On November 15, 2014, Brian and I launched Health Geeks. Our mission? To provide the highest quality healthcare information, resources, and inspiration to people all over the world.

Being new to the online business world, we dove all in. We purchased courses, read books, and listened to podcasts to help make sense of this new way of doing business. It was overwhelming, to say the least. We spent a lot of money on conflicting information, and we worried about how much support we would need to execute on all the new ideas. Sometimes, the information ended up being not as useful as we’d hoped, and other times, we wondered if we’d gotten our money’s worth. We spent sometimes 1-3k on courses and programs that can’t even touch what Buy My Future offers.

Soon after, we tuned into episode 339 of The Art Of Charm Podcast. The guest, Jason Surfrapp (formerly Jason Sadler; now Jason Zook), was sharing his story about how he’d sold his last name twice and made his first million dollars wearing t-shirts with sponsors on them. He was a goofy, crazy guy, and his story was incredible: how does an average guy go from making a million dollars wearing t-shirts to a sustainable online business doing a bunch of other random and crazy things?

You have to hear it. He spoke just like us, and he had created something that we wanted Health Geeks to be: fun, creative, and not just another lame health site. We immediately bought his book and signed up for his email list, The Action Army, to learn more about Jason and his experiences.

This is Jason


Throughout the rest of the year and 2015, we started to follow Jason even more closely. We invested in a few of his courses and strategies. When we implemented them, we always saw a positive change in our lives, our business, our bank account, our website traffic, or our podcast. One example, executing the strategies in his podcast course and getting the communities feedback we have doubled our podcast downloads this year compared to last year. Another example is utilizing his Easy Course program we were able to create an online course and profit $436 in 30 days. 

In September 2015, Jason announced his craziest project yet: he was going to sell his future. For a one-time fee, he was giving away everything he had ever created to date (including the products we’d purchased separately, above), and everything he was going to create for the rest of his life. He was also going to throw in direct access to him and lifetime membership in a kick-ass Slack community of like-minded entrepreneurs like Paul Jarvis, Kathleen Shannon, James Altucher, and more.

“Reading Jason’s book and subscribing to his Action Army Newsletter changed my whole life. It opened my brain to new ideas, creativity, and a different way of thinking.” —Dr. Paul

Brian and I were immediately sold on this idea. We wanted to simplify. Instead of trying to synthesize and make sense of a dozen different sources of information about online business success, we wanted one place to turn to. One library of information that we could rely on when we needed to know anything about starting and succeeding with an online business. We knew Jason could help us take Health Geeks to the level we had envisioned.

One year later, Jason’s future is one of the single best investments we have ever made. The Slack community of other doctors, website designers, lawyers, copywriters, professional bowlers, etc. is worth the price alone. We have worked with an amazing copywriter from the group that helped write the copy on various sales pages, blogs, and website. We have also had people who do website coding offer support for us too. Any business idea or feedback needed the community is there offering quality insight and easy strategies to succeed. If he had charged us five times as much, it would still be worth it.

Right now, and for the next 12 days, Jason’s future is available again. This time, it’s an even better deal: for $1500, you get his entire body of work—a $6000 value—plus first access to everything he creates in the future. (He’s added six new projects in just the last year alone!) You also get in on the Slack community we mentioned above, the one that is, all by itself, worth the price of entry. He’s limiting it to 200 new future buyers, which scares us a little bit—last time, we got in just under the wire! So act fast!

If you are a healthcare practitioner, an entrepreneur, an aspiring podcaster or simply someone looking to flex your creative muscles and live a more fulfilling life, Jason’s future is for you. Again, you’ll get immediate access to his life’s work—including Teachery (an online course creation platform), Easy Course, Podcast Like A Boss, Get Sponsorships For Anything, Of Course Books and you’ll be ushered into the Slack community, too, where Jason hangs out daily to chat with and support us all.

Join us and a few hundred other like-minded professionals in an active community that knows what it takes to succeed with an online business. We’ll see you on the inside!