Health Geeks Who?

All entrepreneur, all health, mostly geek with a large side of sarcasm and no bullshit.  Brian and Dr. Paul created Health Geeks as the ultimate resource to provide accurate, objective and the highest quality health information. We believe in putting in the effort and surrounding yourself with great achievers. We don’t claim to be gurus or to be perfect. Health Geeks is an extension of not only our training in functional medicine but also our personalities. The ability to keep ourselves healthy revolves around us having fun, learning every day, investing in our own personal development, and only focusing on the small steps we can control in our health. Our mission is to make health both easy and fun and to help you get 1% better every day. That is a Health Geek.

We are all about taking a stand against misinformation in the alternative medicine field, against over-marketed products, “magic bullets”, and against closed-minded approaches from conventional medicine.  Health doesn’t have to be annoying. Let’s Make It Fun!