About Us The Health Geeks

What We Believe:

We believe that health should be fun, stress-free and fulfilling

We believe health should not be dogmatic and focused on the short-term

We believe that every person deserves great health that is personalized to their individual lifestyle

We believe that better health has the power to lead to a more focused, fulfilling and energized life

Who Do The Health Geeks Help?:

We help action takers and the health conscious develop simple health habits so they’re healthier, more focused and energized in their life.

Founder Of Health Geeks

Paul Nottoli D.C.

All Entrepreneur, All Health Geek, A Large Side Of Sarcasm, A Love For Gifs, And Serious About Improving Your Health.

I believe that better health has the power to lead to a more focused, fulling and energized life.

I want to improve your health without increasing your stress.

I have my Bachelors of Science in exercise health science and a Doctorate in Chiropractic and have run a successful private practice as well as Health Geeks for over 7 years.

As a cancer survivor, I’ve devoted my life to helping people live stronger, healthier lives using ancestral health principles and functional medicine. I help you focus on the core foundations and simple steps to achieve better results in your health while having more fun.

Co-Founder Of Health Geeks/Tech Geek 

Brian Musial 

Digital entrepreneur and marketer Brian built his first business in healthcare. His studies in acupuncture led him to functional medicine. He helped the start-up of Health Geeks dedicated to educating the public on health-related topics. He is proud to be part of Health Geeks Podcast when featured in INC Magazine 35 Outstanding Podcast Picks From Entrepreneurs Like You. Brian continues his education in full stack web development.

Co-Host Of Health Geeks Radio & Fitness Specialist

Amanda Mercer, CSCS

Amanda, a former collegiate water polo player with a B.S. in Exercise Science, specializes in female athlete strength and condition, personal training, endurance sports coaching, and holistic health coaching.  She is a Master Instructor for START (R) Fitness, a unique tactical fitness program that has been used to train both the military and civilian populations. In addition to being an international presenter, Amanda is SPINNING ® Star 3 instructor, USAT coach, cross country coach, and holds a variety of other certifications.  In 2016, she opened THRIVEfitt, a studio which focuses on a holistic approach to performance training as well as education of other fitness professionals. Her mission is to coach people to thrive, in all areas of health, that they may not only be physically fit but also have complete wellness, leading strong lives with strong bodies.