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Make The Main Thing The Main Thing

“The solution to most problems does not lie in greater complexity, but paradoxically, in respecting and understanding the underlying simplicity.”

As we started taking on more clients and speaking with them in their consults this week one thing stood out as the common thing. The #1 priority to start helping them get better was never addressed. Some were working with other health professionals that just tested everything to test everything and some had 30 pages of labs. Some had grocery bags of supplements and weren’t really sure why they were taking them anymore or if they were helping at all. Some had read so much online that they got so frustrated they became paralyzed mentality and didn’t do anything for 2 years.

If you want to be a better golfer you don’t need fancy clubs first. You need to practice your swing and putting. You could give Tiger woods the oldest and worse clubs and he would still beat you.

If you are a smoker and want to get healthy, every action and decision that you make should be how that gets you to stop smoking as fast as possible.

In high school football, we worked on blocking, tackling, throwing and catching the football every day. Because if you can’t do those things the best you won’t stop the other team and you won’t score points to win the game.

If you have a flat tire in your car, you need to fix the flat tire instead of just putting air in the tire and correcting the alignment of your car.

There are often many things that need to be addressed as we are looking to live healthier lives. If we don’t start with the #1 problem first we won’t ever fix the secondary and tertiary problems that are often caused by the main problem.

I know this was a little more “ranty” (not sure if that is a real word) today but I truly want to help you achieve your health goals this year. I don’t want you to get burned out by Feb. 1st and just give up.

Focus on the main thing and get 1% better every day. That is it.

Until next time, I look forward to geeking out with you,

Dr. Paul

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