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Welcome to Health Geeks

We Make People Better

Are you struggling with health information overload?

Don’t know who or what to trust?

Let’s face it, it is a wild west out there with health information. From guru’s, diet books, supplements, and other silver bullets trying to make the best decision for your health can feel pretty shitty.

Here is the thing about health, there is no silver bullet, there is no magic potion, there is no super supplement.  The only thing that matters is you and your evolution in your own health journey.

We know you are already committed to improving your health.  You have cleaned up your diet, you exercise more, you sleep more but you feel fed up, overwhelmed and annoyed with what to do next.

We have helped thousands of people just like you. We have done the research, dug through all the bullshit and help you focus on what’s most important for you. We help you from mindset, nutrition, stress, sleep, movement, exercise, and most importantly get results.  That is when health is fun.

Sometime around June, I was getting really frustrated. I couldn’t seem to lose weight, and I felt like I was eating pretty well (90% of our meals are prepared by a meal prep company). Then I started to think I might be fighting a battle I couldn’t win on my own. With the help of Paul and Brian from Health Geeks, I ran a few tests and started taking some natural supplements. I also changed up my prepared meal company and got into a simple exercise routine (3-4 days of weightlifting per week, 15-20 minute workouts).

I feel really good on a day-to-day basis since working with Paul and Brian, plus I’ve lost over 20 pounds. Yay for fitting into my clothing comfortably again and doing it in a sustainable way!

Jason Z.

What Makes Us Different ?

After five years in successful private practice, Brian and I decided to launch Health Geeks. We’re taking a stand against misinformation in the alternative medicine field, against over-marketed products, “magic bullets”, and against closed-minded approaches from conventional medicine.

We believe in putting in the effort and surrounding yourself with great achievers. We wanted Health Geeks to be an extension of not only our training but our personalities. Our mission is to make health fun and provide you with the best resources and information and get 1% better each day.

Paul Nottoli, DC

Paul Nottoli, DC

Founder of Health Geeks

We tend to complicate things when trying to live healthier. However, the biggest changes come when we simply don’t neglect the little steps we can do every day. Take action, start simple, stay consistent, get 1% better each day.

Brian Musial, LAC

Brian Musial, LAC


Acupuncturist, functional medicine provider, and life-long learner. I've welcomed patients in my clinic, I'm humbled and grateful to hear how much I've changed their lives. I desperately want you to achieve the best because you deserve nothing but the best.

Laura Ligos, RD

Laura Ligos, RD

The Sassy Dietician

 I have a passion for making food fun and helping you realize and achieve your full health potential.

I came to Brian for help when it came to helping me with adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances.  After having twins nearly a year and a half prior to working with him, I'd yet to regain my normal cycle and as a busy Mom, I knew that I was more than just tired.  He helped me identify exactly what we needed to test and work together to manage and overcome.

I continue to focus on many of the recommendations that Brian provided me. I have reduced most if not all of the supplements now as I have restored my monthly cycle (YAY! 4 months in a row thus far)

His approach is whole body and mind and doesn't require you to be stuck on supplements for your life.

Sarah W